Two very different voiceovers

I recorded two voiceovers this week. Two voiceovers that couldn't have been more different from each other. Both fun, both rewarding, but they were two jobs that couldn't have been further apart from each other in terms of style. 


Brexit - One year on.

It's a year since we woke up, the morning after Midsommar, to find out that the UK had decided to leave the EU.

And what a year it's been.... Lots has been written and will be written about it…


Getting my blog thang on!

New website is now live. I'm sure that you are aware of that as you are here reading this blog - on the website. 

It's that limbo period in Sweden just now, the time when you should be tying…

The Safety Last Blog is live!

First things first.. why is your company and site called Safety Last? 

Good question - It is partly because I want to appear to be a little bit gung-ho as if safety is the last of my concerns…